The doctor asked one of the men present to hold the girl’s neck

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Hermes Belts Replica VANCOUVER A few minutes after a picture was taken showing Nas Rafi playing the tourist in Gastown on her first visit to Vancouver, she found herself playing the role for which she has been trained.After leaving Gastown she was walking with her uncle and his family outside Waterfront Station on West Cordova, July 2, when there came a scream of brakes and a female cyclist was pitched off her bike and into the path of a limousine.”I didn’t see what happened, but I was told later that the young lady had swerved to avoid hitting a car door that someone had opened just in front of her https://www.calabipartners.com,” said Rafi who lives in California and is completing her residency as an emergency physician at the University of California San Diego Health System.The cyclist had been heading west on Cordova and, swerving to avoid the car door, fell into the outside lane where she was struck by a limousine coming behind her.”I heard my aunt and my cousin scream and I turned and could see a young girl beneath the tire of the limousine,” Rafi said Monday in a telephone interview from her home in San Diego.The young woman was face down, wearing a backpack and was jammed under the vehicle with the front tire against her neck and head.Rafi, 30, threw her purse to her uncle and ran to a small group of people gathered around the cyclist.”They were upset Replica Hermes Belts, no one was touching her and they didn’t know what to do. I got down beside her and they said ‘what are you doing?’ and I said ‘I’m a doctor.'”The cyclist was lying in a pool of blood and Rafi’s uncle was asking bystanders for a towel or anything to stop the bleeding, but she told him that was not her main concern.”There was blood everywhere,” said Rafi, “but I put my fingers on her neck and her face is completely blue, if she had pulses I couldn’t find them.”When someone’s involved in an accident you are not supposed to move them because if there’s a neck or back injury they could be paralyzed, but I’m looking at this girl and she’s essentially dead at this point.”She’s not breathing and I have to try to do something to get her to breathe and live paralysis is secondary,” she said.Her uncle, Siamak Rafi, who lives in Coquitlam, had the limousine driver slowly back up so his niece could get to her.The doctor asked one of the men present to hold the girl’s neck.”While I’m doing this someone who’d walked up, a spectator, said ‘don’t move her’ and he’s yelling at me to stop and my uncle and aunt are saying ‘she’s a doctor leave her alone.'”At this point the girl’s laying face down so we turn her on to her back and I try to open her mouth. First thing you learn in the emergency room is airway Replica Belts, breathing, circulation.”Her jaw was clenched so it took some effort but I put my fingers in between her teeth and pried her mouth open and when I did that there was blood inside and her tongue was back in her throat blocking her airway Hermes Belts Replica.

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