Sometimes, McSherry said the crooks work in groups and some

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city urged to help its vulnerable workers

Replica Designer Handbags As the operators of Santa Barbara remaining medical marijuana dispensaries braced themselves for possible federal raids, the ordinance committee of the Santa Barbara City Council met on Tuesday to grapple with how best to regulate the operation of such facilities legal under state law but federally prohibited throughout the city. Based on the remarks of the councilmembers involved, the regulatory approach will consist of a mix of the rules that currently guide the operation of pharmacies and adult bookstores. Borrowing from similar ordinances in about nine other California cities, city planners crafted a grab bag of proposed regulations that received mixed reviews from medical marijuana proponents and councilmembers alike.. Replica Designer Handbags

replica bags By Tara Morgan bio 28 year old Raymond Bryant and 33 year old Wendy Bryant are behind bars charged with shoplifting from the Target on South Laburnum Avenue. In this case, police said the couple stashed what they stole from the Target inside their baby carriage.One local clothing store owner said she seen shoplifters get even more creative. Police said a case of “sticky fingers” landed this couple in the slammer.McSherry said shoplifters are innovative.”We seen with fake pregnancy cages where they stick the clothes up underneath Replica Handbags,” said McSherry.Sometimes Replica Designer Handbags, McSherry said the crooks work in groups and some even bring along children as a distraction.”We have all the warning signs what to look for,” said McSherry.These days strollers come in many different sizes with compartments to stash stuff. replica bags

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