It also has a picture of a man and woman

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Travels statewide, auditing government entities such as schools and cities. Member, Newark Area Jaycees, president in 2010. Board member, United Way of Licking County. Now, both of his interests come together in one political moment. He and his colleagues have done extensive researchon the confirmation of Supreme Court justices,which is timely in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death last month. The nine membercourt is now split with four reliably conservative and four reliably liberal votesandRepublicans, who control the Senate, are vowing to block any nominee of President Barack Obama..

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And it happened quick. Michelle then walked off the stage to let Barack do his thing. Flash bulbs started flickering around the center like fireflies illuminating a hay field at dusk. His balls are coming at a pace that I haven’t been used to in awhile,” Broncos receiver Javon Walker said. It gets there in a hurry, and it gives you an opportunity to make plays, to turn upfield and get what you can after the catch. When I first came over here, they were talking about Jay and how strong his arm is and saying that he’s a young Brett Favre.

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