” I think that’s something where you challenge the teachers in

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here are the facts video

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Replica Handbags Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailTHE teachers at his posh Swiss school suspected something was amiss when Pak Un’s mum and dad never turned up for parents’ evenings.Staff were continually fobbed off with various excuses by the teenage pupil’s shadowy chaperones about why the pair could not attend the end of term meetings.But they never guessed the real reason Pak’s father was never present because he was a tyrant busy running a ruthless dictatorship 5,000 miles away.”Pak” was, in fact, future dictator Kim Jong un the youngest son of North Korea’s recently deceased leader Kim Jong il and the next head of the nuclear state.For over two years Jong un was secretly educated at the Liebefeld Steinholzi school in Liebefeld on the outskirts of Bern.Ironically, the curriculum at the school whose motto is “We produce quality” included lessons in democracy, a way of life that oppressed North Koreans have no experience of.While he was there, Jong un immersed himself in student life going out for pizzas, hanging out with friends and playing basketball. And although Jong un kept his identity secret from his teenage classmates there were tantalising clues about who he really was.Well heeled “Pak” arrived in Switzerland with a “fantastic” collection of Nike trainers worth thousands of pounds.His close schoolfriend Nikola Kovacevic recalled: “We only dreamed about having such shoes. He was wearing them.”Each pair of his trainers were worth more than four times the average monthly salary in North Korea Replica Handbags.

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