Along with the Jeep, Sartor’s purse was also taken, with her

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Fake Designer Bags They then gave me a warranty for one month. Well, guess what it crashed again yesterday. I am now left with a dead machine which has to date cost me over US$1300/, and that too at a sale price. She didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries, but was treated at the hospital for road rash and a concussion.Sartor and her boyfriend Ryan say that the Jeep was the only mode of transportation they had for themselves and Sartor’s three young daughters. Their other car was totaled in an accident.Along with the Jeep, Sartor’s purse was also taken, with her credit cards and Social Security card inside.She’s relieved far more precious cargo was not in the vehicle at the time: her daughters. She was on her way to pick them up when the Jeep was stolen.”It freaks me out, because I love my kids and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them Fake Designer Bags.

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